Small business growth. Try, try and try again

Me on an old pub bench I sold last christmas. 

Watching your business evolve from nothing is very rewarding.  I started my business from my spare room selling vintage clothing then expanding to vintage furniture.  As my business grew I realised that it had potential so I found a small unit close by.  For months I filled the small space floor to ceiling with furniture, searching junk shops, auctions carboot sales etc. I began listing all of the items on ebay and had a good following and steady sales.  The unit next door became available and although it was much bigger I took the gamble and moved there.  I have since changed the space and it makes a great backdrop for styling and photography.  I have my own unique office which I designed myself sourcing reclaimed materials including some huge bifold doors which came from an old school in Wales.  The place is freezing in winter but somehow  I manage to layer up and focus on selling my items.  There are always ups and downs setting up a business but the secret is to
have confidence in what you do but most of all a passion for it to.

Starting from scratch and persevering is worth while. Don't give up and keep thinking of fresh ideas.  It helped me having a qualification in Interior design but anyone can do it if they put their minds to it.

The doors from storage in Wales to installation and final preparation.


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